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Frequently asked

Have landscaping questions? We have answers.

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Are you properly insured?
Yes, our insurance policy covers workers comp, liability, and motor vehicle insurance.
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Do you meet Hawaii State Licensing Requirements?
Yes, Personal Touch Landscape meets all certification and licensing requirements for the State of Hawaii.
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Lawn Care is an investment, What type of return should I expect?
A well maintained lawn and grounds increase home values an average of 15%. It is possible to recover 100% or more of your landscaping cost when home is sold.
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What's included in the initial consultation?
The initial consultation consists of an onsite meeting to hear your ideas/vision for the property. Discuss possibilities for the site based upon your wishes and budget. Upon mutual determination that we have a good basis for partnership, We will prepare a design services proposal indicating the scope of work and the estimated fees for the project.
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Frequently asked

Have landscaping questions? We have answers.

Are your personnel trained and supervised landscape professionals?

Yes, all personnel are trained, wear a company uniform, use the proper equipment, and are supervised at all times on all job sites.

Do you meet Hawaii State Licensing requirements?

Yes, Personal Touch Landscape meets all certification and licensing requirements for the State of Hawaii.

Professional Lawn care is an investment, what type of return should I expect?

A well maintained lawn and grounds increase home values an average of 15%. It is possible to recover 100% or more of your landscaping cost when home is sold.

How are employees trained?

We have a standard orientation that lasts 3 days upon employment. Safety and additional training are performed throughout the year.

Why should I hire a licensed & insured landscape contractor?

Just like going to the dentist or consulting an accountant, when it comes to your home you want to consult a licensed and insured professional with the knowledge and credentials to provide you the best service. Many communities have regulations that must be met and a licensed professional can guide you in the right direction. Also ensure any landscape professional you consult will ensure you are protected from any liability and damage that can occur. Hiring an unlicensed contractor leaves you susceptible to many risks that are not worth the cost savings.

How much does one of your Landscape Lighting systems cost?

Smaller systems start around $2,000 and take 1-2 days to complete. Medium size projects are about $4,000-$6,000 taking 3-5 days. Larger size projects are $6000 and up.

Do you offer irrigation installation and services?

Yes. We perform irrigation system installation and services for both residential and commercial properties. Please schedule a consultation so we can find the right plan for you.

How often should I water?

Turf grass should be watered 3/4" - 1" per week. Shrubs and trees should receive deep watering 1-2 times per week. Annual and perennials should be watered 2-3 times per week. This answer is for established landscapes.

What kind of irrigation system are used and recommended by Personal Touch Landscape?

We install Rain Bird & Hunter professional products and focus our efforts on maximizing efficiency and ease of use. We recommend installing timers that offer multiple programs and start times to fully customize the irrigation schedule to fit your property’s unique requirements. We use low precipitation sprinklers for lawns, and drip irrigation for practically everything else (including drip and micro-sprayers for veggie-gardens).

Are you usually busy with installations and should I expect a wait?

Spring is the busiest time of year for us typically, but give us a call and we will do our very best to handle your requests in a timely manner that will work for both parties.

Could you explain the different types of sprinklers used in the irrigation system?

Rotary: Rotating sprinklers with a single stream that shoot a stream of water 25-40’. Rotaries are commonly used in large grass areas and for shrubs on your lawn.  

Spray: These sprinklers only spray water and do not rotate. The spray distance is normally 4-15’. These sprinklers are used for foundation shrubs and when deep soaking areas need attention.  

Drip irrigation: Or point source which can be used on any plant and is very efficient. Drip systems boast 90% efficiency while sprinkler systems top out at 85% and can be lower in general. A great system to use in case of water shortage.

Are repairs you make under warranty?

We offer a 90 day labor warranty on repairs. Most parts come with manufacturers warranties. Each repair is different as are the warranties that come with them.

What are the benefits of professional landscape maintenance?

Landscape maintenance includes mowing of lawn, edging areas bordered by sidewalks, curbs and driveways; removing clippings and organic material caused by mowing and edging from sidewalk, curbs, driveways and other surfaced areas; pruning bushes, shrubs and ornamental trees; trimming perennials, grasses and ground covers; leaf removal and planting bed maintenance. Most homeowners are too busy to provide the constant care usually necessary to support an attractive turf. An effective maintenance program involves fertilization, watering, mowing, and cultivation. A lawns appearance, after it has been established depends on a sound maintenance program.

What does landscape maintenance cost?

Personal Touch Landscape determines the cost for maintenance service based on the size of your lawn, planting beds and the amount of pruning required. Give us a call to receive an estimate of cost for maintenance for your property. We will survey your site, evaluate the property’s needs, and develop a proposal that is customized to your specific circumstances.

What is the benefit to mowing my grass weekly, opposed to every other week?

Cutting grass weekly helps to keep lawn free of stress and less susceptible to disease. As long as grass is growing at a normal rate, 1/3 of the blades should be cut weekly, especially during peak season (spring).

Friday is the best day to have my lawn cut. Is it possible to accommodate my schedule on a weekly basis?

Our daily lawn care schedule is routed similar to UPS and Federal Express and takes into account route density and efficiency. Open availability on existing and new routes will factor into lawn care scheduling. We will do our best to meet your personal preferences.

What type and size of grass mowers do you use?

We use a variety of mowers and use the appropriate size for the lawn being cared for. We have lawn mowers from 21”to 64” deck size and larger. We always use the right size machine along with a highly qualified operator to care for your lawn.

Is shrub pruning one of your available services?

Yes, we provide both shrub pruning and hand pruning. In fact these are one of most popular landscape services.

Is grounds maintenance for commercial properties an available service?

Yes, for over 25 years Personal Touch Landscape has provided commercial grounds maintenance to an array of properties. From hotels to shopping centers, condos, and small businesses, we are experienced in commercial property maintenance to enhance your curb appeal and business image.

What fertilization and weed control methods do you use?

Personal Touch Landscape offers two different programs based on your personal expectations of how your lawn should look. We offer one basic plan, and one premium plan based on your personal preferences. Schedule a consultation for more details.

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