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Plant Health Care

At Personal Touch Landscape, we are dedicated to providing top-notch plant health care solutions to our residential and commercial clients. Our partnership with Arborjet allows us to offer a wide range of innovative products designed to optimize the health and vitality of your trees and plants.

Our Products and Services

TREE-ÄGE® Insect Injection

Protect your trees from invasive pests with TREE-ÄGE® Insect Injection. This systemic insecticide provides long-lasting control against an assortment of pests.  

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IMA-jet® Insect Injection

Safeguard your trees against insect infestations with IMA-jet® Insect Injection. This proven insecticide provides targeted control against a wide range of tree-damaging insects, ensuring the health and longevity of your valuable trees.

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ECO-1® Insect, Mite, Disease Control Spray

Go green with ECO-1®, our eco-friendly spray for controlling insects, mites, and diseases. Safe for use in gardens, this spray enhances plant health while minimizing environmental impact.  

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MN-JET FE™ Fertilizer Injection

Boost tree health with MN-JET FE™ Fertilizer Injection. This micronutrient solution promotes vigorous growth and improves leaf coloration, ensuring your trees remain healthy and vibrant.  

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PALM-JET MG™ Fertilizer Injection

Keep your palm trees lush and vibrant with PALM-JET MG™ Fertilizer Injection. Enriched with essential nutrients and magnesium, this product supports healthy palm growth and enhances foliage coloration.  

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BLOOMPLEX™ Liquid Fertilizer

Enhance flower production and overall plant vigor with BLOOMPLEX™ Liquid Fertilizer. This premium bloom enhancer stimulates flowering and improves overall plant health, resulting in vibrant blooms and lush foliage.  

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ARBORPLEX™ Liquid Fertilizer

Experience comprehensive plant health care with ARBORPLEX™ Liquid Fertilizer. This all-in-one solution addresses various plant health issues, from nutrient deficiencies to environmental stress, ensuring your landscape remains healthy and resilient.  

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EnviroPlex™ Organic Soil Conditioner

Improve soil health and fertility with EnviroPlex™ Organic Soil Conditioner. This eco-friendly solution enhances soil structure, promotes beneficial microbial activity, and supports healthy root growth, resulting in thriving plants and landscapes.  

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Why Choose Personal Touch Landscape?

  • Experienced professionals dedicated to plant health care
  • Customized solutions tailored to your specific needs
  • Environmentally friendly products for sustainable landscaping
  • Guaranteed satisfaction and results
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